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Iphone 6s- An exquisite sixth finger
Adding a vast featues to iphone6, Apple has come across an excellent smartphone on September 2015, named as iphone6s. Since it has its origin from the mother of smartphone, it has unique specifications.
Iphone 6 comes with a 4.7 inches large screen, provides a comfortable view, and it runs on ios 9 platform. It has 4 variants based on its internal memory with a combination of 2gb ram. Primary camera has a zooming capacity of 12mp and that of secondary camera is 5mp, which provides crystal quality selfies. It available in four colour variants. 3d touch is one of the most welcoming advancement in iphone 6s. It works under A9 chip which has 1.85 Ghz processor.
It has its sibbling named as iphone 6plus, comes with some more features adding to this.One of the reason to buy this phone is its classy look and smooth edges.
Though there are many extraordinary features, it has some minimum defects, such as overheating issues while web surfing, bad low light photography and random shutdowns.
Atlast, its a great privilege to own iphone 6s. It adds elagance and richness to the user. Ready ti fix your sixth finger.
Thank you...
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Its a stunning machine, looks fantastic in big size.
The iPad Pro is a big tablet, make no mistake. If it's too big for you, but you like the idea of an iPad with a proper keyboard, desktop-class performance and multitasking. This device has a big 4GB RAM, plus its quad speakers into the iPad Air's chassis, and also its ability to connect physically with an external keyboard.
It has an identical design to the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 4. The front is all display, surrounded by narrow bezels on the longer sides and wider ones at top and bottom. A camera lens bulges out from the centre at the top and the home button with Touch ID capabilities nestles at the bottom. All other detail are almost same as on the smaller-screened Apple tablets.
Apple has included its most powerful processor to the date in the iPad Pro. The A9 chip found in the latest iPhones has been added in this too with some extra RAM.
Possibly the most surprising upgrade is the use of the same 12-megapixel camera as found in the iPhone 6s, which means you'll finally be able to take photographs on your tablet that are equal quality to those you can take on your phone. It's a genuine step forward.
The Smart Keyboard is one of the two essential peripherals for the iPad Pro. Just as the Type Cover improves Microsoft Surface tablets massively, so the dedicated keyboard turns the iPad Pro into a successful laptop substitute.
The iPad Pro has four speakers, two on the top and two on the bottom edge. As you’d imagine, this design change seriously upgrades the tablet’s audio capabilities.
It’s much heavier than the iPad Air 2, but still lighter than the first iPad, weighing 713g for the Wi-Fi-only edition, and 723g for the Wi-Fi and 4G model. That’s heavier than many rival tablets, but it still feels light relative to its size.
Overall, It's a stunning machine, looks fantastic and, once you get over just how big it is, the size becomes a benefit, with its immersive screen and a giant playground of real estate for apps to exploit.
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Excellent piece of work by Apple. Technology at its best !!
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Best iPhone yet!!
I was a very loyal android user until I got this device. I have to be completely honest it blew me AWAY!!! The phone has zero lag, the calls are clear, pictures are crisp and pop out. The battery life is great despite the smaller battery. I can get a full day of usage before needing to charge my phone being a heavy user. The iPhone 6s Plus processor is blazing fast and this phone has wifi calling that comes with iOS 9.2, to help with people who may live in areas where coverage isn't the best.

3D Touch helps with shortcuts so you don't have to waste so much time searching for what u need. The camera both front and rear are simply amazing and also take Live Photos to where u can press down on the screen and u can see the pic in action. Watching videos on the 6s Plus almost makes your eyes dance because of how clear they appear on the device. Even tho Samsung is king with the amoled screen, the design and screen resolution of the 6s plus is giving Samsung a run for their money.

The only detractors that I have for this phone are the price and the storage space, primarily the 16GB. In order to get the best benefits of the iPhone 6s Plus is to get a 64 GB or higher. I think it is blasphemous that Apple made a 16GB device when most manufacturers have made the 32 GB a standard in the lowest amount of storage space. And because the 64GB is $100 more than the 16GB, that is definitely something Apple need to not do with the next series.
However overall this device is simply AMAZING. I hope that Apple gets even better with the iPhone 7
3D Touch
Blazing fast processor
Front and back cameras awesome
Call clarity
Screen resolution
Wifi calling
Battery life
Storage (16GB come on man!!)
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The device is stunning. Expensive, yes - but stunning
It's that time of the year again. after the relatively lacklustre 6s models, the iPhone 7 is now a real return to form for Apple, with genuine user benefits in terms of speakers, imaging, durability and battery life.

The iPhone 7 equipped with a quad core A10 Fusion, with two high speed 2.3GHz cores and 2 less power 1GHz cores, backed up by 2GB of RAM. The upshot, given the relatively low 750p screen, is very fast operation when needed and terrific battery life the rest of the time.

One other main change compared to previous iPhones is worth noting and it's to do with iOS 10. The slide-to-unlock is gone, instead you just have to apply pressure to the home button and you're done, the fingerprint recognition being so quick. For other lockscreen actions, swipe the whole thing right to see widgets and shortcuts, or left to gain access to Camera. It's very well done indeed.

The iPhone 7 has 12MP camera now, has a f/1.8 aperture too (c.f. f/2.2 on the 6s) - Now the camera letting in 50% more light to exposure times that can be longer. So, You can take better photos in low lights. The addition of OIS to the camera in the iPhone 7 is much more than a spec bump - it takes imaging into a whole new league by letting iPhone users shoot low light shots with confidence, knowing that the shutter can be open for much longer and that the final photo will have less noise and better colours.

The front facing camera is now 7MP, up from 5MP and is more than sufficient for selfie lovers, with the same full-screen LCD flash that's a beautiful idea and so effective.

Then there's the stereo speakers for the first time in iPhone. As with OIS in the camera, this is something of a great feature to many handsets in the Android world, but it's brand new to the iPhone and will make a huge difference when playing music and watching media like YouTube, Netflix, and so on.
An another real innovation then is the brave and infamous decision to axe the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack, with Apple mainly quoting reasons of space and difficulty of waterproofing. These are both valid, though the company's ultimate aim is to have everything be wireless. In fairness, there's a Lightning to 3.5mm adapter included as well, so that you can simply plug in the quality headphones of your choice when the time comes. Many people will simply leave the Apple adapter on the end of headphones, and thankfully Apple's only charging around $10 or local equivalent for extra adapters, so it's not a big issue to just grab a few of these and leave them on headsets or other convenient places in your life, for as and when needed.
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Powerful but small.
It's a phone that's in an identical chassis to the phones released three years ago, We can call it's the iPhone 'Special Edition'.
By launching a 4-inch phone, no matter how fancy the specs are, peoples will expect it to be a little cheaper, and thankfully that's what Apple has done. The SE starts at $399, which is the lowest introductory price Apple has ever offered on an iPhone. That’s for the 16GB model; the 64GB variant will run you an extra $100.
Besides price, the key selling point with this new phone is the design. The chassis, as I've mentioned above, is almost the same as on the iPhone 5S, and beyond coming in rose gold color, it doesn't offer anything new at all.
The phone is designed to be easily operated with one hand, the 4-inch screen sitting just at the edge of a thumb stretch, and Apple is banking on this fact keeping the handset current.
The power of the iPhone SE is something to uphold,- its as much as powerful as the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus with a new A9 chip, the M9 co-processor and 2GB of RAM.
The one issue I encountered with this phone was when watching movies. The Retina display can't even display the lower end of HD movies.The sharpness looked OK actually - better than I was expecting from the iPhone 5S.
Battery life is very impressive, especially when you consider there are only a few extra mAh added in here, from 1560mAh to 1624mAh, and with no increase to the size of the chassis at all, This is really really impressive feat and addresses one of the key concerns we had in the 5S. If you're upgrading to this phone from the iPhone 5 or 5S, you'll be in dreamland with the battery life, trust me.
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High Specs in Small screens.
iPhoneSE, A new model iphone with 4 inch screen, Apple is now picking up where it left off with 4-inch screens.
If you have held an iPhone 5S, you would know what you are going to get with the SE. It’s small, linear and familiar of previous phones. There are no other surprises.
But, When its comes about specs, Its technically an iPhone 6s internals in a 5S body.The latest A9 processor is there, as is an NFC chip for Apple Pay. But the battery, which is about the same capacity as the 5S, but lasts a lot longer. Really!
The rear camera is capable Live Photos and 4K video. The front facing camera uses Retina flash which lights up the screen in low-light situations, especially for selfies.
For the first time, NFC is introduced on a 4-inch phone from Apple, which means you’ll get Apple Pay on the smallest screen.
I think the major attraction is the battery life, which is on so good. I can go two full days with light-medium use on an iPhone 6S Plus, and I get the same from the SE.
If you have got an iPhone 6 or newer, then SE likely is not fit for you. Even with specs are almost being equal, the smaller screen is just harder to return to after you have gone with big screens. For the small crowd who really wish their iPhone 6 or 6s were smaller, then go ahead and get the SE. You’ll love it.
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Its a matter of choice for people who prefer to use small screen.
The iPhone SE is an exact clone of the older 5S. However, it is slightly slimmer and lighter. The comfort of a smaller phone is something only stubborn.
Talking about the display, Everything is looks good in the small screen with a resolution of just 1136 x 640 pixels. it is very crisp with good contrast and viewing angles. But, 3D Touch is absent in this.
The phone has the 12 MP camera of the 6S along with Live Photos support. The rear camera is capable of shooting 4K videos along with slo-mo and time-lapse videos, also there is a dual tone LED Flash at the back and on the front screen flashes to lighten selfies, like in the 6S.
The camera shoots photos good under good lighting conditions, but not under low-light with flash enabled. The images sometimes having more dots under low-light. While camera quality is good, it is not at par with the 6S or the older iPhone 6.
The device is smooth and there was no glitches in performance. you might thing its small, but it is not at all 'less powerful' than the 6S.
Overall, iPhone SE is a small but faster super horse.
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I loved it.
This is a great phone. I loved it
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