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Good phone in the mid-range price segment, having decent specifications and good design.
The phone Galaxy J7 (2016) having the usual Samsung design, rouded edges, sleek form factor which makes it easy to hold. The device has a removable back panel and a removable battery. The rear has the 13MP camera with LED flash and the front is having a 5MP camera equipped with LED flash well.
It features a 5.5-inch HD display with 1280x720 pixels resolution. The AMOLED display produces clear and vibrant colors, but not good under the sun light. The viewing angles are fine.
The phone is clocked with a 1.6GHz Octa-core processor and 2GB RAM. The internal storage of the handset is 16GB, also can be expanded upto 128GB. The device performed pretty good, smooth and much responsive. I haven't not faced any lags while playing games and HD videos. However, There was a bit slowness while streaming the videos from internet.
Galaxy J7 runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. A very clean and user friendly interface. but still having the same old TouchWiz UI.
And the phone has a 13MP rear camera with LED flash and a 5MP front facing snapper for selfies. it managed to click some good images with decent amount of details. The selfie camera too was also shoot some nice images, even in low light conditions, the front facing flash is so great and bright. And the camera also has various new modes to enhance the photography experience.
The smartphone also equipped with S-bike mode. This feature mutes the phone automatically when the user is riding a two-wheeler, and sends a text to the caller to call later. The S-bike Mode feature will help the bikers to concentrate on the road while riding.
However, the user can also mark some contacts as important so that they cannot be ignored while driving.
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Best Budget Flagship Smartphone 2016
Here is my review about Samsung J3 2016
1. Decent camera
2. Very good battery life.
3. Touch wiz works great with themes support.
4. No heating issues.
5. Call quality is perfect.
6. Build quality is nice and very light weight.
7. NFC supported with S-Bike Mode.
8. Very nice and smart looks.
9. Great multitasking.

1. Audio quality is clear but speaker is not so loud.
2. Lag in high graphic game.
4. Noise is introduced in night lighting and their is lack of night mode in camera.
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A decent brand phone at this price, But not for heavy multi tasking and for playing games
I bought this phone recenty and here is my view about the phone
Pros of Samsung on7 pro:
- Very good build and design.
- Having 2 GB RAM For better multitasking and gaming.
- Having 13 MP rear camera and taking decent shots.
- Having 5 MP wide angle selfie camera, but not as good as I expected.
- Good battery backup.
- 4G LTE.
- Dual sim and micro SD card support.
- Having Android Marshmallow
Cons of Samsung on7 pro:
- The processor along with gpu is not very good, The phone lags sometimes while multitasking and playing heaving games like Asphalt 8.
- It is not water-resistant.
- No screen protection like gorilla glass.
- No LED notification and auto brightness sensor.
- The display is just 720p and that to is not AMOLED, It would have been nice if it have AMOLED which gives brighter display.
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Overall, A good product from Samsung at low price.
Here is my review :
This device is nice and a good phone at this price.
The 5.5 inch display is good but not AMOLED
And it feels heavy to hold the mobile and takes around 2 and half to 3 hours to get fully charged.
The camera quality is okay and taking good photos in low light.
The device gets a bit of heavy during heavy use.
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Phone is good at this price.
1. Display
2. No Hang
3. Camera is not Wow , but very good one
4. Wifi is working well even under weak signal
5. Battery life is good, it lasts one full day (including 2-3 hrs Wifi + calls)
6. Samsung new Keyboard is pretty
7. Smart Manager App
8. Front camera flash ( if u love selfy)
1. No ambient light sensors , but adjusting the level to middle suits indoor and outdoor vision
2. No LED notification
3. Storage is 4 GB before u install apps
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A very good phone compared to J5.
i'v been using j7 for past 45 days. till now i cant find any heating issues even if i use it for long duration. battery back-up is very good , no major lags. even games such as modern combat 5 worked really well. camera is good and sound is not that great but by no means poor. its decent. j7 is way better than j5. j5 has only 8 gb internal while j7 has 16 gb. biggest difference is in there processor. j7 is octacore while j5 is quad-core. camera quality due to which differs quite a bit. j7 also has front flash. it is very helpful in Dark situations
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J7 is the best mid range phone from a brand like Samsung.
Advantages :
Removable battery with good battery life.
Good graphics and chipset ( enough for most high end games)
Front flash light
External memory card slot
Apps can be move to external memory
16 gb internal storage
First sim is 4g supportive
Power saving mode & ultra power saving mode
Lack of 2 gb ram (not a big problem)
Lack of some basic sensors like compass
No led back light ( it is the problem at night )
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All in all a great device at such a price by Samsung India.
I've been using this Galaxy on7 for more than 3 months and it has performed amazingly well and it sports all latest features plus one special ultra battery saving mode which is just phenomenal as it converts your phone into an essential feature phone with 4 to 5 times additional minutes or hours depending on the charging left on your mobile! It has very good camera both front and rear and excellent 3000 mah battery which gives user plentiful time in a single recharge. 4G works like a dream as its ultra-fast with almost 3 times better than 3G! Smart manager is another feature which is very good as it gives you an insight into your RAM usage and sd card details with junk removal option from your storage and periodical scanning of your phone.
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A good phone from Samsung at this price.
Here is my review after 2 days of usage of this phone.
What I liked:
* Weight of phone including battery is quiet light.
* Look and feel is very much attractive, my colleagues compared with their expensive samsung phones, this phone also looks of same segment.
* Fine details on edge looks posh, it gets broader at the bottom, overall it is great.
* UI and 5.1 lollipop is simple and very organised.
* Music setting has a feature called Adapt sound, it enable every individual to fine tune the amount of sound for both ears, so that it suites you best without hurting your eardrums. The earphone which come is bad for music lovers, try getting your best brand's headphone, I use sony xb400 (old one,that time price was aprx 2K) it bounces nice. ;)
* Apart from this every feature is nicely blended to cooperate daily life activities.
* There is no heating issue yet.
* This phone is definitely value for money product.
What I didn't like:
* No notification lights.
* The speakers are not good.
* No themes
* Less default wallpapers
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All in all, it's a really good feeling in the hand. Premium!
This is one of the best phone I have seen in the Galaxy S series. Samsung has brought a world class design, big without being bulky, with some good specs and usability you'd expect at this price. Its a lot more comfortable to hold on than S6 and feels a lot less plasticky because of having more metals.
It is having a 5.1-inch AMOLED display with quad-HD resolution, 2560x1440 and gives about 577 pixels per inch, which is still ridiculously dense!. And the panel is so excellent, with crisp colors and deep blacks. It's about as good as you can get — and visible excellent outdoors and full sunlight as well. And it's still impressive to see a screen that's as much as bigger with as much as resolution. Kudos to Samsung.
The speakers are front-face and much improved, less noisy compared to S6.
The camera is excellent, Combine with that an outstanding camera and you've got a phone that will serve just about anyone. The act of taking a picture remains as great as ever. Samsung's camera app is excellent, and feature-rich without being overwhelming with tons of options.
Its having waterproof. Not quite like having it in the pocket while swim, but it's good for a half-hour in about five feet of water. A quick dip in the shallow end shouldn't kill it.
An another more useful is, Samsung's fingerprint sensor which is tucked inside the home button. And its so good as ever and doing cool and quick.
All in all, it's a really good feeling in the hand. Premium!
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Very Nice branded phone at this price.
With a little hesitation I bought this phone having so many thoughts in mind. But when I bought It, I was just surprised. This is the phone that value for its price.
- Designed nicely
- Awesome camera
- Flash support for front camera, you'll love it if you are a selfie lover...
- Fast charging
- Good battery backup
- Awesome display
Only thing i feel could have been better...
- sound quality as pretty low
- plastic back cover.
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The phone has gorgeous design, might of Android's software excellence with lot of customization options and top hardware guts.
The phone is looking so polish and good, The curved back and sides made it more comfortable to hold. some very slight rounding on the edges around the display is so nice, giving the phone a much more lux and contoured appearance than most.
It has 5.1 Inch display, a much better fit for me than a larger phone, also having shiny metal-and-glass backing which looks adorable and let everyone say "its beautiful".
While talking about camera, Samsung has made much improvements in the camera side and it is taking the pictures really really good, Scenes are brighter and colorful and do faster shots. Even in low-light scenes, It taking the photos fine, better than iphones. But, Digital noise was still there, just diminished sometimes. The key is it has very quick auto focus, grabbing clear shots of moving objects.
The front is having a 5 MP camera and taking photos fine, but not in low lights. It now has even more "beautification" filters than before, And the auto coloring makes our faces toned up more, skis as plastic, which makes our faces "Oh! Its mee?" sometimes.
Performance side, it operated smoothly and never lagged, and games played on its top-of-the-line processor with ease.
The battery lasted through a full day of heavy use.
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Nice phone with few issues
I bought this phone 2 months ago. Not completely satisfied with the phone. Battery backup is good. The phone is slightly heavy compared to other phones. Does not receive full network signals. Other mobiles at the same place have full signal strength. Wi-fi connectivity is terrible. I did a hard reset 2 times. After a hard reset it connects well for some days and again the problems recurs.
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if you have a less budget & you are planning to buy a cell phone also you want a brand then go for this phone !!!
Over all phone is very good, samsung try to update the design of models, but in this range product & performance is very good, slim & light weight phone,
charging wire is small
headphones are good
battery is good
Less heating prob
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The phones is pretty good and responsive.
The Samsung J5 having a 5.2-inch HD Super AMOLED display, a quad-core Qualcomm MSM8916 processor at the speed of 1.2GHz, 2GB of RAM, 16GB internal storage and a 3100mAh battery.
And the phone sport 720p Super AMOLED display. And Samsung’s Super AMOLED panels are among the best in the business, the display is so good with full of colors while the backlight is bright. But Colours appear slightly washed out and brightness levels are bit below in average backlight.
Talking about performance, It has Qualcomm Snapdragon processor which is giving fast and smooth operations that is good enough to beat last year’s flagship smartphones.
Taking about the build quality, It has all-plastic body, the rear of these phones comes with a brushed metal finish, which appears metal from afar. While in the hands, the full finish giving a very good and much needed comfort to the hands. And the phone looks quite firm and sturdy compared to the previous edition. The rear panel is removable, but the battery is not. The outer-frame is made of metal which gives the premium look. The back sort of eases into the frame, while chamfers on the front ensure the device stays put in your hand.
Software-wise they run Android 6.0 Marshmallow-based TouchWiz user interface which is a first for any Samsung lower mid-range phone.
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Overall within this budget range this mob is just AWESOME!
Awesome mobile at this price range!
Camera quality is superb!
Its got pro looks!
Runs smooth, no lags,drags or fps drops in game so far...
Sound quality is nice and loud..
Yes,the back cover feels a little hot after surfing net/playing games for long time,but still very less compared to other mob.
Only and only problem so far is the Charger!!! seriously its not possible to charge it all time using comp USB!!Such a short wire.
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I'd say its real deal and value for money.
This phone is an absolute beauty of samsung.
The price though seems to be a little high but then once you buy it you won't regret.
The metallic body gives it a premium look and the slim structure make it all the more attractive.

There was some problem with the speaker of the phone but then, as always, it was replaced without any hassle. Thanks to samsung customer care.

The touch is smooth and sound of the speaker is loud enough .
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If you want get value for your money then Go for this phone !!
I was using Galaxy S3 from last 4 years and atlast phone got crashed a replacement i wanted to go for Samsung phone because of it's after sale services !!
I am using this phone from last 1 week, so far not faced any problem !! If u r looking for any budgeted smartphone then this is the best buy !
Here is my review list:
1) Front camera with flash is much better than rear camera !!
2) Touch and screen resolution is gr8.
3) I'm not a gaming freak, in built unnecessary games are using internal space !!
4) There is no heating issue faced until date !!
5) The 4G speed is undoubtedly awesome !!
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Phone is good.
Good phone at this price range
Only problem is low sound speaker nd less internal memory
No heat problem at all
Camera is not so bad
Battary lasts for 5-6hrs in continous usage
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I recommend this phone
Best in class display
Superb octa core performance;Antutu:42431
Decent build and design
Dual sim slots and micro sd slot;No hybrid sim slot
Long lasting battery;i get 7hr 42mins of screen on time
Decent cameras
Weak speaker
No notification led
1.5gb ram bottlenecks performance;even the cheap k3 note offers 2 gb ram
No auto brightness
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